Even though no one is broken, life’s tragedies can leave us broken-hearted and alone in our grief.           When disasters impact an entire village, there is communal loss and community-wide grieving.

Actively mourning is profoundly healing, a key to transforming pain and suffering.

Part of mourning is sharing the experience with others who can listen without judging.


offers an accepting space to gather in silence

and speak what’s on our hearts.  No fixing, saving, or advising.

   Circle of Friends is free, facilitated, inclusive, and confidential

                     and will take place in various locations in the Valley, as well as by Zoom.                   

All are welcome, regardless of how the Almeda Fire has impacted your life. 

We experience the pain of grief when we have lost something to which we've been attached.  When we are without our homes and possessions, we feel the loss of security and memories and grieve the disappearance of things held dear.  We mourn the hopes and dreams that got left behind. Unanticipated loss is a change which we did not plan and do not want, but it is here.                      


           Since the Almeda Fire, we have all witnessed the sorrow of destroyed homes, lost belongings,             extensive evacuations, ruined businesses, devastated landscapes, temporary living arrangements.

The Uses of Sorrow

Someone I loved once gave me

a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand

that this, too, was a gift.

—Mary Oliver


For specific times and places and more information:

Email us at 

or call us at 541-482-8449 (Bob) or 541-601-3084 (Becky)

Circle of Friends is organized by South Mountain Friends Meeting (Quakers) out of our dedication to cultivating unity, providing mutual care, and sustaining our community. 

South Mountain Friends Meeting, 543 South Mountain Ave, Ashland, Oregon 97520