We use the terms Quakers and Friends interchangeably when referring to ourselves; our formal name is the Religious Society of Friends.  Our Meeting House is not a consecrated space, but simply a comfortable place to worship together, as we believe that God is found in every place and time. Recognizing that the Divine Spirit is equally accessible to all, we gather without reliance on formal creeds, sacraments, or clergy, and thus we are known as an unprogrammed meeting.


In our Quaker tradition, waiting on God in silence is at the center of our spiritual practice. We welcome your joining us in worship. Come on in and feel free to sit anywhere you’d like. Silent meeting begins when the first person sits and grows as others join in the worship.

As many candles lighted and put in one place

do gently augment the light and make it more to shine forth,

so when many are gathered together in the same life,

there is more of the glory of God.   –Robert Barclay

In our worship we seek inspiration and spiritual guidance that we may find strength and love to carry into the world.  Our guide is known by many names—the spirit of God or Divine Light which is in and among us. 


If during worship any of us receive a deep and heartfelt message prompted by God’s spirit, we may rise and share it briefly. By delivering a message under guidance of Spirit, it is hoped that it will speak to the condition of others present as a seed for their worship.  Such contributions to the collective worship arise out of the silence from that place where each of us meets God.  Such vocal ministry is offered in the spirit of worship rather than lecture, discussion, or response. We leave time between messages for their meaning to reach deeply into our worship.  Anyone may be led to speak in meeting regardless of the extent of their experience in a Quaker Meeting.  Separate, small meetings for worship may be arranged for seeking care or clarity in response to ongoing personal concerns or life transitions.


A Friend is appointed to close worship at the appropriate time by shaking hands with those on either side.  Afterwards, there are introductions, sharing of joys and concerns, then announcements, followed by refreshments and fellowship. 


We welcome your questions and look forward to meeting and talking with you.  Books, pamphlets, and Quaker periodicals may be borrowed from the library, and a variety of leaflets and our newsletter are freely available in our foyer. 

South Mountain Friends Meeting, 543 South Mountain Ave, Ashland, Oregon 97520